Zhengzhou Jinquan Precious Metal Refining Equipment Co., Ltd. Supplier of precious metal refining technology and equipment
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Zhengzhou Jinquan Precious Metal Refining Equipment Co., Ltd.

   Zhengzhou Jinquan Precious Metal Refining Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in the electronic and Electrical Industrial Park of Zhengzhou high tech Zone, Henan Province, China. It is 2km away from gouzhao exit of Lianhuo Expressway and 60km away from Zhengzhou airport. The company specializes in the smelting, refining and environmental protection of precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium), including technology research and development, equipment development, technology promotion, production process design, workshop and plant design, general contracting of precious metal refining engineering, general contracting of laboratory construction projects, and pilot production guidance.
The products are: high current density silver electrolytic unit, high current density gold electrolytic unit, swirl electrowinning unit, platinum palladium rhodium refining and purification production system equipment, medium frequency furnace, high frequency furnace, ingot vacuum casting machine, bead spreader, wet gold refining process equipment, gold mud controlled electric chlorination production system equipment, polypropylene storage tank, flue gas absorption tower, nitrogen oxide flue gas Processing system equipment, gold refining mold, fire assay ash dish, lead skin for assay, rhodium refining special reagent.
The authorized products are: titanium reaction kettle, glass reaction kettle, enamel reaction kettle, electrolytic rectifier power supply, glass condenser, water chiller, oil pressure machine, laser marking machine, steam generator, aluminum tank, anti-corrosion pump valve, hardware and electrical equipment and other common equipment of rare and precious plants.
To undertake the construction projects of the alchemy room, rare and precious plant and laboratory.
The company has a group of business backbones with rich production experience, who have respectively served as the chief engineer, deputy general manager of production, director of production plant, workshop director, team leader and other positions of precious metal smelting and refining enterprises, and can provide the owner with a full set of technical services including factory design, non-standard equipment production, agent procurement of standard equipment, installation and commissioning, and field operation guidance. We have successfully completed the turnkey EPC business for many times. So far, the company has successfully completed the gold and silver refining workshop construction projects of dozens of enterprises in the industry. Among the enterprises we have cooperated with, 13 gold refining enterprises have obtained the qualification of "providing standard ingot unit" of Shanghai gold exchange, reflecting the company's high technical level and good service quality.
The company has 43 patents in precious metal refining technology and equipment. In 2017, the company was rated as a science and technology enterprise in Henan Province, and in 2018, it was rated as a high-tech enterprise.